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Adelaide Hearing

You think you know about hearing loss?

Adelaide Hearing can help you.

Hearing Aids

Hearing aids significantly improve communication and will assist you to confidently enjoy a full and active lifestyle. View styles, designs and sizes.

Hearing Test

Our highly skilled audiologists ensure accurate hearing assessment to provide you with the best solutions specific to your individual needs.

Tinnitus Treatment

Noise or ringing in the ears may be a warning signal that you are developing hearing loss. Do see our audiologists for a hearing test as soon as possible.

Ear Wax Micro Suction

Professional, safe, and effective ear wax removal using a gentle micro-suction technology, without the discomfort of syringing methods.








About Adelaide Hearing

Local independent source of world leading hearing technology, genuine advice, superior fine-tuning & expert training.


Caring people first culture motivated by a passion improve your quality of life with dedication to removing the limitations of poor hearing by restoring clarity, reducing noise, enhancing memory and recall which enables you to connect with people, work faster, participate, live without anxiety, and stop avoiding conversations.





Professional Audiology Business providing cutting edge technology and therapy solutions to overcome hearing loss . I want the design to communicate professionalism but a passion to push boundaries to source new tech solutions that restore precise hearing & a strong commitment to working closely with clients to retrain their brain to effectively process their new world of sound so they don't just hear, but more importantly, understand .



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