About Adelaide Hearing

Adelaide Hearing is a local, independent hearing clinic that provides the most genuine, transparent and effective hearing care in Adelaide.

Our small, caring team gets to know every client and strives to provide exceptional customer service and personal care to earn your trust, loyalty and confidence.

We are a dedicated local business that is not owned by a large hearing aid company. This gives us unrestricted access to a huge range of cutting-edge products, so you receive unbiased professional advice that is focused on finding the perfect solution for your unique problems.

We are passionate about hearing. It’s the vital sense that connects us to people and links us to the world. We rely upon it to communicate our thoughts, needs and emotions with the people we share our lives with. Our relationships, vitality and interactions are quickly affected without it so we make an effort to learn about your lifestyle, understanding how sound affects you every day so we can keep you connected and part of the world you enjoy.

We won’t waste your time with aggressive sales or shady marketing. Our business is built upon your success, so we aspire to achieve exceptional outcomes that vastly improve the lives of every client. We specialise in customising intricate sound technology to create simple solutions to complex hearing problems.

Our state-of-the-art facilities, world-class range of cutting-edge innovations and proven track record of success guarantee Adelaide’s best patient care & most effective, affordable hearing solutions.

Why Choose Us?

Our team has been carefully chosen to provide you with the best hearing outcomes for your individual hearing profile. We don’t believe a one size fits all approach is satisfactory for a crisp clear sounding hearing solution. Our clinic has a display of the latest cutting edge hearing aids and accessories – a perfect way to check out the latest technology in hearing care.

Unbiased advice from an Independent Audiologist

We’re not committed to one brand, so we’ll provide you with an unbiased advice to find the best solution to fit your needs.

20+ Years Of Industry Experience

With years of industry knowledge and experience, our team are dedicated to providing an unrivalled service to all of our patients.

Personalised Solutions

Each appointment made at Adelaide Hearing is customised to directly and efficiently cater to your hearing profile.

No obligation 30 Day Free Hearing Aid Trial

Our are built to find you a solution that works for you. We’ll go the extra mile to make sure you always have the best outcome

Free Hearing Tests

We believe your hearing is important. That’s why our free hearing assessments are designed as the start to your hearing journey.

Meet Jason Sparnon

Jason has been a successful Audiologist throughout SA for over 20 years during which he has gained a vast understanding of hearing loss, hearing technology and communication rehabilitation.

He holds a degree in Speech Pathology and a Masters in Audiology from Flinders University and has over 20 years of extensive diagnostic and hearing rehabilitation experience. He has worked in private practice, closely with Ear Nose and Throat surgeons and was the head of a Hospital Department for complex communication impairments in Ireland.

He has dedicated his professional life to the understanding of communication and hearing and how to enhance it. Years of experience combined with the perpetual pursuit of perfection and exceptional results has resulted in Jason becoming one of the most in demand Audiologists in Adelaide.

He has always taken a close, personal approach to hearing care and set-up Adelaide Hearing so he could continue to provide every client with the outstanding care, expertise and tailored solutions necessary to ensure the best opportunity for success.

He is successful because he is determined to find the most effective solutions for his clients and dedicates himself to carefully understanding their unique lifestyle and hearing problems.

His honest & transparent advice earns the trust and loyalty of his clients by enabling them to make a confident, informed decision.

“The key to achieving a great result is by listening to your concerns, finding the most beneficial solution for your personal needs and meticulously tuning it. I will always provide you with the most open and honest information to serve your best interests and improve your quality of life. My job is to guide you to making the best choices, ultimately achieving the best possible outcomes.”

Jason Sparnon

Why I’m an Audiologist

My Gran and Gramps were two of the most enjoyable people I’ve known – they were great mates and easy to talk to. They came to every sports match, every school play, every party and were loved by us and our friends because they were so genuinely fascinated by our opinions and what made us tick. We would talk for hours about everything that we, as teenagers, knew so little about and listened intently to the experiences they’d had throughout their lives.

Gramps was a great story-teller and didn’t mind stretching the truth a bit. He could hold your attention and keep you interested for hours. Gran was our sounding board – she had to deal with all times we were sure mum and dad had lost their mind, any problems we’d had at school and all our brilliant ideas to solve the world’s every problem.

Those years of close and regular communication created an amazing, lifelong bond.

Unfortunately, both of them suffered severe hearing deterioration when I was in school and I noticed them slowly change. I could sense Gramps becoming frustrated and anxious as he struggled to keep on track of our mad family conversations. Gran and I went out to lunch twice a week & I noticed her discomfort as she started to guess at what I was saying and hope her reply made sense.

They missed the normal sounds like the ping of the microwave, the ridiculous doorbell ring, the clock chime and our dog barking but a lot of those things went by unnoticed so it didn’t bother them. What did bother them was losing their connection with people – us, their friends, their community. They were otherwise fit and healthy. It was the consequences of untreated hearing loss that was causing their decline.

This is why I became an audiologist and why I am passionate about hearing loss. Properly fit hearing devices don’t just help you hear well, they guarantee you a better life.

  • Better relationships, more enjoyment and increased participation.
  • Less fear, less withdrawal, reduced frustration and the prevention of memory loss.

I can’t guarantee I can magically make everyone’s life 100% better but I can guarantee I’ll try harder than anyone if you’re willing to work with me.

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How To Choose Your Hearing Aids

Remember those bulky, uncomfortable and rather unattractive buff-coloured hearing devices? Thankfully, they’re a thing of the past! In recent years, electronics have been miniaturised to the point where designers have been able to focus more on aesthetics. As a result, people can now lead unencumbered, fully functional lives with a solution that’s so tiny; you’d never know they were wearing one.

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