The 5 Steps to a Personalised Hearing Solution

1. Assess your hearing loss & hearing difficulties

2. Evaluate your lifestyle

3. Identify the unique features you need

4. Consider the latest technology from a range top quality, trusted brands

5. Match your needs to the ideal, tailor made technology

Step 1

Assess your hearing loss & hearing difficulties

Comprehensive hearing assessments will reveal both the nature & severity of your hearing loss.

If you need a hearing aid, we need to know that it can provide enough amplification and is capable of overcoming your unique challenges.

Step 2

Evaluate your Lifestyle

The level of technology you need depends on your lifestyle. This has nothing to do with the severity of your hearing loss. The more complex listening environments you find yourself in, the higher technology you will require.

Consider where your major problems arise. Some examples are listed below:



Conversations in car

Busy workplace



Mobile Phone

Presentations / Clubs / Church / Theatre



TV / Radio

Conversations at home

Step 3

Identify the features you need

There is a long list of questions you should be asked when deciding which Hearing Aid Features would provide you with the most benefit.  This can’t be done by just looking at a hearing test and can take time to make sure it’s done well. Consider what is important to you including:

Size / visibility




Access to wireless accessories

Ease of use and automatic function


Bluetooth phone streaming


Contact us today to learn more about our available accessories and your hearing!

Contact us today to learn more about our available accessories and your hearing!

Step 4

Consider the latest technology from a range top quality, trusted brands

Independent providers can access top quality, high performing, internationally recognised brands with innovative design to match huge research investments.

All hearing aid manufacturers produce hearing aids across 5 technology levels. Broadly speaking, the primary difference between these models relates to how well they can automatically optimise speech signals and the range of environments they can effectively cope with.

Level 1: Essential

The Essential products are designed for people looking for an affordable yet effective solution to enhance daily communication abilities, mostly in quiet or minimal background noise, for example one-to-one conversations or TV at home. It has limited noise reduction technology and does not have Bluetooth capacity.

Level 2: Standard

Ideally suited for people who expect inexpensive, state-of-the-art technology that has the capability to support the hearing demands of daily life with minimal to moderate levels of background noise, for example using the telephone in a public place, an open plan workplace or a quiet café.

Levels 3, 4, 5

Levels 3, 4, 5 are all designed to constantly sense the surrounding environment and automatically adjust a range of features (including noise reduction, directional focus, speech enhancement, automatic volume, impact noise reduction, whistle reduction etc) to optimise both speech intelligibility and comfort in noise.

Importantly, these devices all feature ear-to-ear binaural synchronisation – meaning that the devices work together such that the automatic adjustments made in each are dependent on the input at the other ear. This vastly improves the devices’ ability to reduce noise – for example by reducing the volume of the device facing noise (ie a car window) whilst retaining the volume in the ear facing the speaker.

The differences between level 3, 4 & 5 correspond to the range of environments the devices can automatically sense and the degree and speed with which they can adjust.

Level 3: Advanced

Perhaps the perfect balance between performance and price. These impressive automatic devices offer features that enhances hearing ability in a variety of complex listening environments. They can manage a broad range of commonly encountered environments, including those with moderate levels of background noise such as restaurants, social events, café’s, mobile phone calls and musical concerts.

Level 4 & 5: Premium & Cutting Edge

Developed to satisfy those who desire and expect nothing but the best. Thanks to a complete set of trailblazing solutions that uniquely address all hearing challenges, these hearing aids support understanding in even the most difficult listening situations, for example, at a busy social event.

Level 4 & 5 devices are more effective at rapidly attenuating sudden impact noises (cutlery, dishes) and overcoming complex environments with moving and fluctuating noise sources (i.e. parties, noisy workplaces, busy restaurants, conferences, sporting events, concerts). The very latest innovations including speech enhancement technology, artificial intelligence, remote programming, and bio-marking are available in the premium devices for those demanding the very best results in every conceivable listening environment.

Step 5

Match your needs to the ideal, tailor made technology.

Adelaide Hearing carefully considers your circumstances to find the right hearing solution for you regardless of your type of hearing loss, lifestyle, personal preferences, age or budget. We do our very best to get it right but offer you a no-obligation 30 day trial so you can decide for yourself.

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