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Earwax is a yellowish fluid that prevents entry of dirt and other foreign materials into the ear’s delicate parts. Therefore, it’s normal and healthy to have wax in your ears. Nonetheless, excess earwax build up in your ears can cause an extreme itching, partial hearing loss in the affected ear, pain, and sometimes dizziness in children.

Adopting DIY methods to clean the ear can be disastrous, mainly if you use sharp objects. Hence, the best way to remove excess earwax is to consult an audiologist.

Adelaide hearing is a reputable earwax removal service in Adelaide with over 20 years of experience. Our ear specialists have the necessary knowledge, training, and equipment to remove earwax build up in children and adults.

Ear Wax Removal Adelaide

Why we are a reputable earwax removal specialists in Adelaide

Clients come to us for earwax removal Adelaide because they know that we have the necessary equipment to handle such sensitive tasks. Before we start any earwax removal procedures, we usually sit down with our patients to understand what is causing all the discomfort.

After this, we’ll insert a vorotek o-scope microscope to see where the earwax build up lies. You can be assured that our earwax removal Adelaide procedure is safe and gentle. We’ll insert a low-pressure suction into your affected ear to unblock any wax that could be causing the discomfort.

Besides earwax removal, we also provide a wide range of services, including:

  • Free hearing tests
  • A wide range of hearing aids and other accessories
  • Unbiased advice on the best brands to buy
  • Tinnitus treatment

Adelaide Ear Wax Removal Specialists at an affordable price

How should you clean your ears?

Usually, the ear has the potential to clean itself. When you chew, the dirt inside your ears, comes to the outer ear. It’s from that point that you can insert a damp cloth to remove the dirt. Nonetheless, don’t insert sharp objects into your ear since you can destroy the eardrum quickly. However, if the earwax build up is too much, a professional earwax removal Adelaide is the best solution.

At what point should I visit my audiologists?

The ear is sensitive, if you experience an unending pain or discomfort in your ears, don’t ignore it. The problem can turn from bad to worse within a short time. Hence, call a reputable audiologist that can offer earwax removal Adelaide at an affordable price.

Get professional earwax removal in Adelaide from the team at Adelaide Hearing. You can contact us on 08 8357 2290. Our care team is ready to schedule an appointment for you!

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