Thorough Hearing Test Adelaide for You

Are you experiencing a sudden hearing loss in one of your ears? Do you have to keep asking your loved ones to repeat what they said when having conversations with them? Or do you have to increase the volume while watching your TV?

Such signs could be early indications of hearing loss. We recommend getting a hearing test in Adelaide so that you can start treatment as soon as possible.

Adelaide Hearing is a specialised audio clinic offering expert hearing solutions to people living in Adelaide and the surrounding areas. We have over 20 years of experience in this field, and our professionals have the needed expertise required to diagnose any hearing problems you may have.

Hearing Test Adelaide

Why Our Hearing Test Services are the Best

Apart from our experience, clients appreciate our services because they know that:

Our hearing test Adelaide is comprehensive and free

After booking an appointment with us, we’ll carry out different hearing tests Adelaide including:

  • Air conduction test
  • Bone conduction test
  • Speech test

Besides this, our hearing test Adelaide is free. Contact us, and we’ll be quick to set up an appointment with you as soon as we can.

We have highly trained experts

During the tests, one of our highly skilled audiologists will be with you through the entire process. They will run every test necessary with compassion and care. Additionally, when it comes to hearing loss treatment, our audiologist will recommend the best solutions, depending on your condition.

We use modern technology

We possess a contemporary facility equipped with all modern equipment needed to carry out high-quality hearing tests Adelaide.

Adelaide Hearing – Your Independent Hearing Test Partner

How often should you get a hearing test?

For most people, getting a hearing test Adelaide may not be on your bucket list. Nonetheless, experts recommend that everyone should get their ears tested after every ten years. This information will help doctors know what to do if you start experiencing hearing loss when you age.

Do you offer hearing tests for children?

Our facilities are open to people of all ages. We offer hearing tests Adelaide for children, toddlers, and adults. Our procedures are also simple, painless, and quick.

What to do after a hearing test

After we assess you, we’ll know whether you’ll need to start treatment or whether you need a hearing aid. Our audiologist will provide the best solutions depending on your specific condition.

Are you having problems with ear loss, now is the time to get a hearing test in Adelaide? Reach out to us at 08 8357 2290 to discuss and book in a thorough hearing test assessment.

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