The New Starkey Evolv Ai Hearing Aid Technology Review

The New Starkey Evolv Ai Hearing Aid Technology Review

Your Guide To The Revolutionary Evolv AI

Starkey has just released its newest and most advanced hearing aid – the Evolv Ai. This release includes the full range of both in the ear and behind the ear styles across four technology levels. The top of the range Evolv Ai 2400 has cutting edge new features and up to 40% more noise reduction than previous premium devices. The top three devices now benefit from the revolutionary ‘Edge’ mode’ and all levels of technology benefit from the new ‘Starkey Sound’ Ai technology that automatically optimises speech audibility so you can (as their tag line says):

‘Effortlessly enjoy every moment with the hearing aids that fit seamlessly into your lifestyle’

I’ll mention from the outset that no matter how good a hearing aid can be, it may be useless if not professionally fit by an experienced Audiologist.

Key Features

  • Full range of styles from the smallest IIC in the industry to a powerful BTE
  • Rechargeable BTE, RIC and custom styles
  • Four Technology levels
  • ‘Starkey Sound’ Automatic adjustment technology
  • Edge Mode for enhanced performance in difficult environments (top three levels)
  • 40% More Noise Reduction Compared to Livio AI
  • Faster connection and pairing to all wireless Bluetooth devices.
  • The world’s first bluetooth CIC style hearing aid
  • Includes Starkey’s new 2-Way Audio


Starkey Evolv AI Hearing Aids Are Available in the Full Range of Styles

Starkey has made the Evolv Ai technology available in all hearing aid styles from an invisible in canal (IIC) device through to their powerful Power Plus BTE 13 model, for those with the most profound hearing losses. The rechargeable RIC-R style is likely to remain the most popular, offering discrete comfort and a full range of advanced features.

One of the biggest announcements of this release is the Evolv Ai CIC – the worlds’ first wireless hearing aid in a ‘completely in the canal’ model that has Bluetooth connectivity to iPhone and most android devices.

Starkey Evolv AI Hearing Aids Are Available in Four Technology Levels

Evolv AI is available in 4 technology levels. The 2400 (premium), 2000 (advanced), 1600 (mid-range) and 1200 (entry).

The premium Evolv Ai 2400 will provide the most filters, customisations, and aggressive automatic noise reduction, making these devices ideal for those with active lifestyles. The 2400 will deliver quality sound in any environment so users should expect to enjoy a better listening experience at outdoor events, in busy restaurants, at live concerts, in social gatherings and more.

As you drop down from the premium top-tier 2400 level you lose access to numerous features and programming customisations. On the flip side, the lower technology levels cost less.

The best hearing aid for you will be the device with the most features and technology that you can reasonably justify and afford. There is no doubt that premium devices provide superior sound quality and outstanding performance in the most difficult listening environments, but you must consider if the extra technology is worth the price for your hearing difficulties & lifestyle. In most cases, the more active your lifestyle, the higher the technology level you should purchase. If you can’t reasonably afford the ideal device, it is my job customise and maximise the performance of whichever device you choose.

Noise Reduction

The biggest difference between the 2400 and 2000 model is the amount of noise reduction. The 2400 model uses Starkey’s most aggressive noise reduction technology to clarify speech in challenging environments by reducing noise mixed in with speech. It will also reduce sudden or sharp impulse noises (like silverware or doors slamming), machine noise (like fans and motors) and wind noise. The 2400 model applies twice the level of noise reduction as compared to the 2000 model which is significant because every decibel helps when trying to make speech as clear as possible.

Automatic Adjustment for Effortless Hearing

All technology levels of the Evolv Ai benefit from ‘Starkey Sound’ technology that makes around 55 million automatic adjustments per hour to provide automatic, realistic, and great sound in all environments. This feature is based on algorithms that model your brain’s auditory system that tries to supress background noise and increase speech automatically.  Because Evolv AI mirrors this with the intelligence of machine learning (a very smart artificial intelligence technology) – you gain from a high-quality filtered sound experience.

Starkey Evolv AI Hearing Aid’s Edge Mode

Edge Mode uses Artificial Intelligence to make immediate adjustments to optimize noise reduction and speech clarity when activated in particularly challenging environments. Edge Mode is now included in the 2400, 2000 and 1600 models – a feature previously only available in the premium level device.

Thrive Hearing Control – Compatible with both Android and iPhone mobiles

Starkey’s Thrive app enables you to adjust hearing aid volume, base and treble, create customized programs, and stream music or phone calls easily and conveniently with the touch of a button. The Thrive app also offers information services like Thrive Assistant, Translate, Transcribe, and Self Check, which lets you check your hearing aid performance without an office visit.

Tap Control

This gives you more control of your hearing aids with just a double tap of your fingers.  You can stop/start/pause streaming, initiate voice commands in the top three technology levels, as well as accessing the Edge Mode – in just the top performance level.  However, you can’t answer or reject calls from this feature.

Effortless Connection

Evolv AI offers the newest and most advanced connectivity ever. With improved connection time between phones and hearing aids, you will experience the best streaming sound quality for TV, music, and conversations.

Introducing 2-Way Audio

Hear and connect effortlessly with hands-free conversations. Evolv AI delivers 2-Way Audio in every wireless style. Now, hearing aid microphones pick up and stream your voice directly back to iPhone and iPad, allowing you to seamlessly talk hands-free. Until now your voice was streamed via the phone’s microphone, meaning you had to keep it nearby and not in your pocket of bag.

Starkey Evolv AI Hearing Aid Accessories

The Evolv Ai is compatible with a range of wireless accessories to extend their abilities for amazing hearing in even the most challenging environments.

Mini Turbo Charger

It’s a pocket-sized turbo charger that can provide 3.5 hours of hearing aid use with just a 7 minute charge.


Starkey Hearing Technologies TV Streamer

Plug it into the back of your TV or soundbar and the audio will be streamed directly to your hearing aids. Others can keep the TV at their preferred volume level, while you set your own volume via the app, on the hearing aids themselves, or via the buttons on the device itself.

Starkey Hearing Technologies Remote Mic +

If you have a hard time hearing in noise this accessory is a lifesaver. Attach this microphone to a companion’s shirt and their voice will stream directly to your hearing aids. Their voice will come through much stronger than all the competing noise in the environment.

Starkey Hearing Technologies Remote

You probably don’t need this. Most people use the app to control their hearing aids, and if not the app, then the push button on the hearing aid itself. But if neither of those suit you, this remote is a simple way to control the volume and program.

Starkey Hearing Technologies Table Microphone

Set it in the middle of the table and enjoy group settings like family gatherings or noisy restaurants. It’s eight built-in microphones detect the primary speaker’s voice and stream it directly to the hearing aids.

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