Safe and Gentle Ear Cleaning Adelaide

Typically, the ear can clean itself. However, for some people, excess earwax can build up in the inner parts of the ear. It may cause discomfort, temporary hearing loss, dizziness, aching, among many other issues.

Using unorthodox methods, such as inserting sharp objects to remove the wax is harmful to your ear. Therefore, consulting an audiologist for ear cleaning Adelaide is a superb way of removing the excess earwax.

That’s where Adelaide Hearing comes in. We are a hearing clinic that has been offering ear cleaning in Adelaide for more than 20 yearsOur audiologists are equipped with the necessary tools and kits to ensure that the process is safe, gentle, and efficient. Feel free to reach out for excellent hearing solutions.

Ear Cleaning Adelaide

Why we are reputable ear cleaning specialists

Generally, our passion for hearing is what makes everyone love our services. Additionally, we:

Carry out thorough assessments

Before we insert any of our tools into your ear, we want to understand what’s bugging you and how you feel. We also offer ear cleaning Adelaide to children as well, providing a relaxed environment.

Are equipped with modern equipment

The audiologist will insert a vorotek o-scope microscope, which will help them see what is causing the discomfort or pain. We’ll then use a low-pressure suction to remove the dirt or excess wax from your ear.

Provide safe ear cleaning

Our ear cleaning Adelaide is super gentle. We don’t use any fluid to flush the ear. You can also be sure that the process is painless and comfortable for you or your child.

Adelaide Hearing – Safe and professional ear cleaning Solutions

Is professional ear cleaning safe?

Our ear cleaning methods are safe. We use ear cleaning cameras, and low-pressure suctions to remove all the wax in your ears. Additionally, professional ear cleaning Adelaide helps to:

  • Remove discomfort in your ear
  • Solve tinnitus
  • Provide free hearing tests
  • Get to the root of the problem

When should I seek professional ear cleaning services?

We normally advise our clients to avoid trying to dig out the wax by themselves. If you feel a lot of discomfort or pain, you should call a reputable audiologist immediately before the pain escalates.

Is ear cleaning affordable?

Not only do we provide safe ear cleaning procedures, but also our services are affordable for everyone. If you have a functional medical insurance cover, you can also use it to cover the costs.

Contact us today for professional ear cleaning in Adelaide! You can reach out us via 08 8357 2290, our support team is available to respond to your call in a fast and friendly manner.

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Our professional microsuction service is a gentle and safe way of unblocking your ears.