Industrial Hearing Loss

Industrial Hearing Loss

See our updated post on industrial deafness here.

Noise-induced hearing loss is a major compensable industrial disease in Australia. If you have lost your hearing at work, you could be entitled to receive a full range of hearing services (including supply and fitting of hearing aids) at no cost to you at our clinics.

Noise exposure causes permanent hearing loss by killing the tiny hair cells within the ear. Speech becomes distorted and although you can hear, clarity is poor. Holding a conversation in any sort of background noise becomes extremely difficult.

If you have not yet made a claim, we can assess your hearing, discuss your options, identify your hearing needs and fit you with the most appropriate hearing instruments (if necessary) to trial. We can assist you with all aspects of claim submission. If accepted, the insurer would also cover the cost of accessories and hearing aid batteries. Noise causes varying amounts of damage to different people’s hearing. Some people are more sensitive than others so there is no exact level at which noise becomes a problem. Noise greatly speeds up the ear’s normal ageing process. Hearing levels that would normally be expected later in life may occur 20 or 30 years earlier.

We have helped many people suffering from hearing loss as a result of a noisy workplace make successful claims to both compensate them for the loss suffered and to enable them to get premium level hearing devices that can restore the hearing they have lost and reconnect them with the world they’d forgotten.

Prevention IS better than cure – look after your ears!

A hearing loss does not protect your ears from the damaging effects of excessive noise. Loud sounds will damage hearing even if you already have a hearing loss. It is vital that you protect your hearing as much as a person with normal hearing or you may suffer further losses or tinnitus.

As a general rule, if your ears are ringing after a noisy activity then it was probably too loud and you may have caused some temporary damage.

We have a range of custom earplugs that are comfortable, discrete and maintain the normal perception of sound, unlike basic earplugs.