Oticon OPN S Hearing Aid Review

Oticon OPN S Hearing Aid Review

Oticon has released an updated version of their extremely popular OPN hearing aid, improving performance, and adding some amazing. When this original OPN hearing aid was released in 2016, it was extremely popular due to its ability to help users hear better in background noise without creating the “blinder” effect that restricts the focus of what you hear at whatever you are looking.

The new Oticon OPN S line of devices is even better, using the ground breaking ‘Velox S’ microchip to improve provide an additional 15% better speech understanding in noise, 10% reduced listening effort, and 10% better memory recall compared to the original OPN hearing aid.

The new OPN S comes in 3 different performance levels. The OPN-S 1 which is the premium level, followed by the OPN-S 2, and OPN-S 3.

The upgrades include:

# 1 – All levels now come in a super fast lithium rechargeable version that only takes 3 hours for a full charge with an expected 20+ hours of battery life. If you do run out of battery, it only takes 30 minutes to add an additional 6 hours of battery life.

# 2 – Outstanding Feedback Control. Feedback is the whistling sound you get when sound leaks from your ear canals and recycles through the microphones. Oticon’s new ‘OpenSound Optimizer’ is able to provide an additional 6 dB of volume (vital for speech understanding) before whistle occurs by using a breaker signal that disrupt the feedback pathway.

#3. Aggressive noise reduction. Oticon’s OpenSound Navigator is designed to dramatically reduce the audibility of overbearing noise sources.

#4. Water resistance – IP68 Rated – This means that you don’t have to worry about getting your hearing aids wet. You can dunk them in a bucket of water and they will still work. However, there are some negatives of the New OPN S devices.