Phonak Audeo Life – the world’s first waterproof rechargeable hearing aid

Phonak Audeo Life – the world’s first waterproof rechargeable hearing aid


Introducing the Phonak Audeo Life Waterproof Rechargeable Hearing Aid


Phonak Audeo Life Waterproof Rechargeable Hearing Aid

The Phonak Audeo Life waterproof hearing aid has arrived, combining the proven hearing performance and sound quality of Phonak Paradise technology with a robust new housing that provides protection against freshwater, saltwater, pool water, and sweat. This hearing aid is waterproof at depths of up to 50cm to give you peace of mind and amazing hearing whatever your activity.

Phonak Audeo Life Hearing Aid

Key Features Of The Audeo Life Waterproof Hearing Aid


  • Waterproof & sweatproof*
  • Rechargeable
  • Proven sound processing of Phonak Paradise
  • Automatic sound optimisation using Autosense 4.0
  • Dynamic Noise Cancellation
  • Universal connectivity to smartphones, TV, Roger and more
  • Tap control for easy access to Bluetooth functions
  • Compatible with all Paradise accessories, Roger microphones and the myPhonak app
  • Four Technology levels to suit your lifestyle and budget

I’ll mention from the outset that no matter how good a hearing aid can be, it may be useless if not professionally fit by an experienced Audiologist and selected according to our five steps to choosing the correct hearing aid.

Robust Waterproof Design

It’s no secret that moisture is the enemy of complex electronics and continues to be a problem for hearing aid users. Hearing loss shouldn’t stop you living an active lifestyle, so Phonak designed a unique housing and innovative internal components that can withstand exercising at the gym, being caught in the rain, or enjoying time at the beach.

To achieve this level of water resistance significant modifications have been made to the casing including:

  • Pinless receiver attachments with silicone seals,
  • A Gore-tex layer to protect microphones,
  • Wireless, inductive charging enabling removal of contacts so there are less openings in the housing, &
  • Waterproof parylene coating on all internal circuitry.

The result is the Phonak Audeo P-Life, an innovative hearing aid designed to support an active lifestyle.


Waterproof design of Phonak Audeo Life Waterproof Hearing Aid


Phonak Premium Sound Processing

In addition to the robust casing, the Audeo P-Life has been paired with the Premium Sound Processing of Phonak’s Audeo Paradise. The Phonak Paradise is arguably one of the best hearing aids ever created, delivering crisp natural sounds and brilliant speech understanding with a range of innovative features.

AutoSense OS 4.0

At the heart of every Phonak Paradise hearing aid is AutoSense 4.0, an operating system that analyses the environment and automatically adjusts features such as dynamic noise cancellation, speech enhancement and motion sensor hearing to optimise speech understanding and reduce listening effort even in challenging noise. This enables you to effortlessly enjoy natural sound while the hearing aid seamlessly does the job of restoring clear hearing.

Speech Enhancer

A common issue for those with a hearing loss is not only hearing clearly in background noise but also listening to very soft speech either when someone is whispering or listening over a distance. The new Speech Enhancer feature helps this problem (available in the premium level technology – P90).

Dynamic Noise Cancellation

The main goal of most hearing aid users is to hear well in background noise. The new Dynamic Noise Cancellation feature works in combination with directional microphones to provide significantly better speech understanding in challenging situations.

Motion Sensor Hearing

In-built motion sensors can determine whether you are walking or stationary. They communicate with AutoSense 4.0 to ensure directional microphones and noise cancellation settings are optimised for the detected activity (i.e. if you are out walking with a friend who is beside you, you would not want the directional microphone system to be focusing only on what is front of you).


Combining these outstanding features of the Phonak Paradise with a tough casing makes the Phonak Audeo P-Life the next step in effortless hearing. Forget you are wearing a hearing aid with the confidence that it will survive whatever you throw at it whilst automatically optimising sound clarity and hearing in every environment.


Universal Bluetooth Connectivity Of Audeo Life

The Audeo Life includes Phonak’s universal connectivity to iphones, android devices, Roger accessories, and other audio devices, making it easier to connect with friends and family or immerse yourself in streamed phone calls, TV, podcasts, and other media.

The Audeo Life provides access to smartphone apps through the myPhonak App and uses Tap Control to answer phone calls, stream music, and activate Siri or Google or Alexa. Phonak have made it easy to switch between Bluetooth devices so you will never miss a call while streaming TV or music.

Tap and go Phonak Audeo Life Bluetooth Hearing Aid

Upgraded Recharger – Phonak Charger Case Go™ for Audeo Life

Forget about batteries with the convenience of long lasting rechargeability. Simply put the hearing aids in the charger overnight for all day carefree use without the chance of sudden power failure. In addition, the charger contains an internal battery that has enough power for three full charges so you can charge on the go or on a weekend away.

 Portable charger designed for Phonak Audéo Life Waterproof Hearing Aid

The Phonak Audeo Life Offers Confidence & Effortless Hearing

Phonak has taken one of the best hearing devices ever and made it better, making the Phonak Audeo Life waterproof hearing aid arguably the most robust, reliable, and carefree hearing aid available. The Audeo Life is a hearing aid that can handle the rigours of an active daily life surrounded by water and sweat, while delivering the proven hearing performance of the Phonak Paradise.

So, enjoy your favourite activities, try new things, and spend time with the people that make your life wonderful. Strong connections to people and the world around us foster a more active, fulfilling life and leads to greater well-being.


Call us today on 8357 2290 to book your Free Audeo Paradise Life hearing aid trial. Like always, our trials are free of charge so you can determine the great results for yourself.