Phonak Paradise Hearing Aid

Phonak Paradise Hearing Aid

Phonak’s latest release features unrivaled sound quality, universal connectivity and personalized digital solutions. The Paradise builds on Phonak’s Marvel – being the only devices with Bluetooth connectivity to both iPhone and Android devices. You’ll also find advances in their sound classification technology that results in automatic feature adjustment to produce clear sound like no other.

World First ‘Tap’ Feature via Motion sensor

This amazing innovation allows you to answer phone calls, stream music and activate Siri, Google or Alexa with a simple tap on your hearing aid. The Paradise has a motion sensor allowing a simple touch on your hearing aid to guide your connectivity options.

Universal Bluetooth Streaming & all day hands-free technology

The Paradise allows direct streaming from all iOS and Android devices. In addition, Phonak are the only manufacturer with a built-in microphone that pics up your voice, allowing for truly ‘hands-free’ calls to both ears. If you have a Bluetooth enabled TV, you can stream directly without an intermediary device. And, in addition, the Paradise is ‘Roger Ready’ for any of these remote microphone accessories.

The Paradise also utilises the myPhonak smartphone app that allows you to control and personalise your listening. You can also connect to your Audiologist remotely for telecare services, getting hearing aid adjustments as required.

Advanced signal processing

The Paradise utilizes Phonak’s newest operating system, AutoSense 4.0. This means Paradise hearing aids can process sound faster to produce the excellent sound quality that Phonak is famous for.

The technology aims to balance audibility, loudness and sound quality, for natural hearing in all environments. The Speech Enhancer has a soft-level speech boost to ensure no communication is lost in amongst the noise. In addition, the onboard motion sensors allow the hearing aids to tell when you are moving, and automatically adapt the microphone and noise cancellation settings.

Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Technology

No more hassles with disposable batteries! Just charge up and enjoy unlimited hearing and streaming.

Wearers can now enjoy a full day of hearing aid functionality, including streaming, with a single three hour charge of their lithium-ion rechargeable battery