The New Oticon Real Hearing Aid Technology Review

The New Oticon Real Hearing Aid Technology Review




The Oticon Real is the latest flagship hearing aid family from Danish hearing aid giant Oticon. The Real is the successor to Oticon More, with major improvements in speech clarity in background noise, wind suppression, and comfort.



Introduction: Elevating Your Hearing Experience with Oticon Real

The Oticon Real Hearing Aid is a cutting-edge device crafted by the pioneers in audiology technology. It is designed to provide you with a natural, more nuanced sound experience, allowing you to stay connected to the world around you like never before. Oticon Real is designed to provide clean, natural sound, enabling effortless conversations even in the most complex listening situations.


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Key Details: Artificial Intelligence and More


  • Artificial Intelligence via Oticon’s ‘Deep Neural Network’ technology instantly and accurately balances natural sounds.
  • The Reals are trained to identify almost 12 million background noises and fluctuations.
  • Advanced wind and handling stabilization through “More Sound Intelligence 2.0.”
  • Scans your surroundings 500 times per second and then creates a sound scene using Oticon Real’s Deep Neural Network.
  • More Sound Amplifier 2.0 can control all kinds of sounds and segments them into soft, loud, and sudden sounds.


Key Features:


Enhanced Speech Understanding

More Sound Intelligence 2.0 is an automatic feature designed to make it easier for you to follow and engage in conversations in complicated listening environments such as groups, crowds, and noisy situations. It comprehensively scans your sound scene 500 times per second and then organizes and delivers the sound using Artificial Intelligence via Oticon’s ‘Deep Neural Network’ technology. This system highlights the sounds of interest and creates a contrast with the sounds you are less likely to want to hear, reducing listening effort and keeping you engaged, focused, and aware.

Sudden Noise Stabilizer

Oticon Real introduces the Sudden Sound Stabilizer under the More Sound Amplifier 2.0. This feature detects and controls soft, loud, and sudden sounds, ensuring they are audible without being uncomfortably loud or intrusive. This technology reduces listening effort in noisy backgrounds while maintaining speech audibility.

NEW Wind Noise Canceller

Oticon’s NEW wind and handling noise reduction is another major improvement in the Oticon Real hearing aids. Research shows that this new system provides up to 23dB greater speech understanding in windy conditions without introducing discomfort. It’s perfect for active nature lovers and golf enthusiasts who demand the best.


Other Key Features:


Personalized to Your Hearing Needs

The Oticon Real Hearing Aid is a premium prescription hearing aid, customized to your hearing loss and lifestyle. It adapts and learns from your hearing preferences, ensuring a tailor-made experience that enhances your overall satisfaction.


Rechargeable Convenience, Discreet Design, and Connectivity

The Oticon Real Hearing Aid features a convenient rechargeable option, sleek and discreet design, and wireless connectivity to your smartphone and other devices for effortless streaming.


Performance Levels: Finding Your Perfect Fit

The Real comes in three performance levels to make sure there is a hearing aid to match a broad range of lifestyles, needs and budgets. Our commitment is to find the best hearing solution for you, whether you seek the world’s most advanced technology in the Oticon Real 1, the balanced performance of the Oticon Real 2, or the accessible excellence of the Oticon Real 3. The best hearing aid for you will be the one that best matches your unique lifestyle, hearing loss, needs and budget. Learn more about our evaluation process here. We don’t automatically assume the Real will be the best hearing aid for you, but it’s a great opportunity to find out.

Experience the Expert Care and Performance of Professionally fit, Prescription Hearing Aids

Professionally fit hearing aids are the gold standard in premium hearing care. Achieving the best hearing experience requires personalized care, professional expertise, and dedication to one-to-one fine-tuning. We don’t think it’s fair to ship this quality of hearing aid in a box. Without proper fitting and expert attention, you are not getting value for money and even the best device will fail to perform effectively.





Conclusion: Embrace the Joys of Sound with Expert Audiology & the Cutting-Edge Technology of Oticon Real

Achieving outstanding results with hearing aids requires a combination of professional expertise and cutting-edge technology. The Oticon Real Hearing Aid has provided us with technology capable of revolutionizing your hearing experience so you can embrace the joys of life’s sounds again. We are dedicated to working with you to embrace the future of hearing technology with the Oticon Real Hearing Aid and help you rediscover the world of sound.


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